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Parents know that coaching or teaching their own child to do anything can be quite challenging. When it comes to golf, those challenges multiply exponentially.

Daddy Caddy on the Bag will help you through the entire process, beginning with introducing your child to golf. More than a pure golf instruction book, it is a guidebook that addresses working with your child as a coach, caddy, and teammate. In addition to instructional tips, Daddy Caddy on the Bag will take you all the way to serious golf skills development, being your child’s tournament caddy, managing emotions and mental challenges, and being an effective coach.

Daddy Caddy on the Bag will help you juggle the often conflicting roles of coach, mentor, caddy, and parent, with the ultimate goal of teaching your child to love golf for life.

Whether you are just starting out or are already deep into your role as your child’s golf coach and caddy, you will refer to this book again and again.

You will discover how to:

• Get your child started in golf at any age, from toddler to teen.
• Save your child strokes on the golf course.
• Separate your role as a parent from your job as a caddy.
• Manage the mental game and “Let 1 = 1”.
• Inject fun into your child’s golf practice sessions.
• Select the best PGA/LPGA teaching professional.
• Become a true coach and guide your child’s golf development.

• Work together as your child’s teammate and partner.

Daddy Caddy on the Bag is a “must read” for every golf parent, and will truly help you coach your child to peak golf performance.