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5.0 out of 5 stars The perfect book for a parent with junior golfers March 27, 2013

By PM Customer

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This book contains information that is valuable to any parent with a young golfer. It provides excellent insight if you plan on being involved in their game, particularly if they are competing in junior golf tournaments. Moreover, as far as I can tell, this is the only book that provides advice on how to caddy for your child. It is harder than you think, and this book provides a cookbook for success that will make the game more enjoyable for both you and your child.


This is Ben Bowen. My boys enjoyed playing the practice round with you and Alex at Jekyll Island. I just finished your book and think it is a must read for any child wanting to play golf or any parent wanting their child to play golf, especially tournament golf. It is a tough act balancing the different “roles” we parents play in the lives of our children and I think you offered some valuable insight to how to separate those roles and duties.

Many thanks to you for writing the book and I think this should be sold in every golf store. Good luck to you and Alex this season and hopefully we will cross paths again soon.


Ben Bowen

Love your book !!! Have read it twice! I recommend it to the parents of all my students, as well as all the families I meet while running Hampton Roads U.S Kids Golf Tour! Would go as far as to say it’s probably the best golf book I have ever read 🙂 …Millions of juniors will meet their true potential in golf because of this book 🙂





Daddy Caddy On The Bag – Rick Heard, PGA Professional

I recently read the golf book Daddy Caddy On The Bag by PGA Professional Rick Heard.  The sub title is Coach Your Child to Peak Golf Performance.  It is copyrighted 2013.  It covers the relationship between Father and Son (Parent and Child) and the game of golf.  It is a guidebook that addresses working with your child as a coach, caddy, and teammate.  It includes skills assessments and golf statistics scorecards.  It is $19.95 on

Rick wrote this book because of his relationship caddying for his son Alex on the course.  He wrote about this because it the most rewarding an challenging part of his golf life.  He writes from the point of view of being a father, coach, caddy, and teammate.  Rick focuses on having fun, perspective, being a teammate, and building a lasting bond through golf.  This is a golf book, but the idea can be used fr any other sport or hobby your child may be interested in.  If you have ever played with your parents or have a child that is interested in golf, this book is worth a read.  To me it is an informal discussion and advise on how to toe the line of wearing all of the hats in your parent/child relationship.

The book is 8 chapters long and is a quick read.  It is 139 pages.  It covers the Daddy Caddy relationship, rules of the game, mental game, and game development.  I do not have a child, but I have played with my dad many times growing up and there are parallels to the relationship no matter what age you are.  Rick starts out with who you are and who your child is.  You are a coach, father, teammate, and caddy.  You need to gauge your child’s interest level.  He has 9 principles of the Daddy Caddy:

  1. Keep It Fun
  2. Think Longterm
  3. Under Coach
  4. Make It Social
  5. Teach Humilty
  6. Golf Is Not Life
  7. Show Patience
  8. Be A Teammate
  9. Play Golf

For the longest time when I played with my Dad I played worse then when I played with my friends or complete strangers.  I tried so hard to beat and please my Dad that I ended up not performing well.  There was an expectation of myself that was different when I played with my Dad as opposed to anyone else.

I would recommend this book to anyone with a parent/child relationship in the game.  It will make you think about where you are at in your relationship.  Where you need to push.  Where you need to step back.  How to help your child reach their potential giving them a boost along the way.

Rick explains how to wear one hat at a time.  If you are caddying for your child, be a caddy.  A caddy is at the players beckoning call.  A teammate.  Each role you take as a parent comes with it’s own responsibilities.  Being a spectator is different than being a coach and different than being a caddy.  How do you manage expectations and emotions as each?  Having fun is a constant throughout the book.

Rick’s Performance Pyramid includes 5 building blocks.  Motivation, Ability, Strategy, Focus and Confidence.  Confidence is at the top of the pyramid.  Gauging and knowing at what point your child is at each level can be tough.  I would argue that motivation and interest level is higher when you are at a younger age than ability and confidence.  If your child struggles, but enjoys playing is that better or worse than a child with lots of talent and has poor motivation?  At some point your child may want a break from you caddying or teaching.  As a parent are you open to that?

The books layout is simple and it is easy to read.  The appendices give you the tools you need to track your child’s progress.  You can track your progress with them.

Rick Heard is a PGA golf teaching professional, a daddy, and a caddy to his son Alex. Born and raised in Florida, he grew up on a golf course, played junior golf, middle school golf, and led his high school golf team as the Volusia County Golfer of the Year for two years. He won numerous junior golf tournaments, including the 1974 Florida State Junior PGA Championship. At the University of Florida, he played his way onto the team.

He returned to his passion of golf in 2001 after working in the real world.  Rick became a Class A PGA member in 2001. He is co-owner of the Don Law Golf Academy in Boca Raton, Florida. The academy specializes in teaching juniors, and we have hundreds of junior golfers in its classes and camps in four South Florida locations. He is also a co-founder and partner with ParKit Golf, which creates innovative teaching tools and materials to make junior golf classes and camps both fun and educational.

Rick understands the world of the junior tournament player. As a skilled player he knows how to play high-level golf. As a parent, He understands the challenges of coaching and developing your own child. As a PGA teaching professional, he understands how to teach kids to love the great game of golf.

His goal is to help my fellow “daddy caddies” survive these challenges with their children and, ultimately, to help them become golfers for life. Whether or not they become great players is irrelevant. What matters is that they love golf and become the best they can be.

The book Daddy Caddy on the bag has a unique perspective on a parent/child relationship in golf.  Pressure, expectations, emotions all need to be managed to help your son or daughter reach their potential.  Having them discover it on their own is more valuable than telling them how to do everything and getting in the way.  Being a caddy, parent, coach and mentor it is best to give a slight push in the correct direction.  As a child paying with my dad often I struggled finding a balance.  Maybe you can help find that balance with your child after reading this book.





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5.0 out of 5 stars Let your child’s dream come true in golf. November 30, 2012

By CBaez

My sons love golf. It’s their dream to be golfers. This book gave me the insight on how to let my boys grow and develop at their own pace, without any pushing. I am not a golfer, but an avid athlete my whole life. This book has helped me not only to be a better teammate with my kids on the golf course, but how to have a better relationship overall with them, on and off the golf course. Knowing when to be the caddy, and when to be the parent, is one of the many keys to this book. I only wish I had it sooner. I think this book is a must read before the first day any parent / child gets into golf, will save many the frustrations we all go through. Now we are back on track to enjoying the game of golf, as it should be, in a positive light. Thank you Rick for writing this book, you have set a great example and given us the tools to help us and our children reach their goals.



5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book.. A game changer!!! November 30, 2012

By mwylie
This is a must read to anyone getting their child and themselves into the greatest sport, golf.. It also has so many parallels to all the other youth sports.. Thank you Rick for the insight you have given me to help be a positive influence on my sons!!! Since I have read, Bryce has really blossomed!!