Daddy Caddy on the Bag

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“Daddy Caddy On the Bag: Coach Your Child to Peak Golf Performance” grew from my experiences as my son’s coach, instructor, and tournament caddy.  I wrote the book because caddying for my son Alex in competitive golf tournaments is the most challenging, stress-inducing, anger-generating, exasperating, exciting, fulfilling, and satisfying job I have ever had. And I am a PGA golf professional who has been around golf for 50 years!

So, as I help Alex and watch the other parent-child teams on the junior golf tours, I know that the job of the “daddy caddy” probably isn’t any easier for them. It certainly hasn’t been easy for me, but we have found a way to make it work well. The book provides solutions so you may do the same.

At it’s core, Daddy Caddy on the Bag is about allowing your child to have fun, be a kid, make mistakes, learn, and succeed on a personal level. We all know how it can be with “sports parents” pushing their kids. “Daddy Caddy on the Bag” will show you how to allow your child to grow and blossom, while guiding their way. No pushing here… just pulling.

In addition to addressing the basic caddy job, the book gives advice on everything from starting your toddler in golf to coaching your older child to peak golf performance. Along the way, the book touches on basic golf rules you should know, the mental side of golf, serious player development, making practice fun, and what I call the “golf performance pyramid.”

Your comments and, suggestions, and thoughts are welcome here, so please join in and share your own experiences – good and bad. We all have a lot to learn!


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