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I am a PGA golf teaching professional, a daddy, and a caddy to our son Alex. Born and raised in Florida, I grew up on a golf course, played junior golf, middle school golf, and led my high school golf team as the Volusia County Golfer of the Year for two years. I won numerous junior golf tournaments, including the 1974 Florida State Junior PGA Championship. I received scholarship offers to other universities, but I wanted to play at the University of Florida, where I played my way onto the team. After graduating, my teammates went on to the PGA Tour, and I got a “real” job in Boston.

Following a 22-year business career in research, computer programming, technical writing, and marketing, I returned to my passion of golf in 2001 and became a Class A PGA member. Now I am a PGA teaching professional and co-owner of the Don Law Golf Academy in Boca Raton, Florida. The academy specializes in teaching juniors, and we have hundreds of junior golfers in its classes and camps in four South Florida locations. I love teaching junior golfers, and I am a U.S. Kids Master Kids Teacher, a U.S. Kids Certified Instructor, and a HeartMath Certified Coach-Mentor.

I am also a co-founder and partner with ParKit Golf, which creates innovative teaching tools and materials to make junior golf classes and camps both fun and educational. I was president of the Southeast Chapter of the South Florida Section PGA for six years ending in 2012, and was awarded the chapter’s Golf Professional of the Year award for 2010. Prior to that, I won the chapter Junior Golf Leader award and twice won the Horton Smith education award.

Having “been there”, I understand the world of the junior tournament player. As a skilled player, I understand how to play high-level golf. As a parent, I understand the challenges of coaching and developing your own child. And, as a PGA teaching professional, I understand how to teach kids to love the great game of golf.

One of my passions is the so-called “mental game” of golf. I’ve studied the psychology of golf and sports, and have developed a new program I call the Golf MasterMind coaching program that we are integrating into our elite academy.

My goal is to help my fellow “daddy caddies” survive these challenges with their children and, ultimately, to help them become golfers for life. Whether or not they become great players is irrelevant. What matters is that they love golf and become the best they can be.

5 comments on “About Rick Heard
  1. Jose Luis Alvarez de Soto says:

    Hi Rick,

    I am the father of Diego Alvarez. We met last week at Copperhead and I got your book, which I read on the plane on my way back to Panama.

    Congratulations, you wrote a wonderful book, which should be given to most parents at any golf federation. I will try to adopt your advices. I thought that I was doing a job with my son, but your book showed me that there is still much room for me to improve as a Caddy Daddy!.

    I have some good friends, we are also in our same road as Caddy Daddies and the first thing I thought was that they should read your book. But then I realized that they unfortunatelly they dont speak english. So I thought that I would like to make my contribution and offer you to translate your book into spanish. I am not a professional writter, but I have translated few Operation Manuals for the company shich I work for (Furukawa Rock Drill from Japan and I am President of Furukawa Rock Drill Latin America, based in Panama). Additionaly my wife has a degree as journalist, so she could help me if my translation got too straight forward Please think about it and let me know. I dont need any compensation back, i just think that you did such a nice book that you should be able to sell it to spanish speaking countries. Believe me, you will sell quite a few in Latin America, where there is a good number of golf fans, but where there is not an appropriate and organized estructure to help us to achieve the true potential of our kids.

    I also checked your website and would like to purchase your Parkit set (full set) in order to donate it to our golf club and finally I am interested to discuss with you about your Academy. I would like to sned Diego to an academy during his spring break holidays, but I am not sure whether this could interfere technically with the swing tehcnique that he is learning in Panama or not. i am lost in this respect and would like to have your advice. It is a pitty that I didnt read your C.V. while we were in Tampa, I would have made you a million questions!

    In any case it has been nice to meet you. Regards to your wife and to Alex.

    Jose Luis Alvarez de Soto
    Email: alvarez@frd.la

  2. Hi Rick,

    I’m a fellow PGA member from Australia. I was at the Daddy Caddy seminar at this years USKG World C’ships. Really enjoyed listening to your presentation. I’ve just purchased your Daddy Caddy on the Bag book via Amazon. I’ve coached hundreds of juniors at my academy & love it! Even with my experience, i still found your advice & delivery very valuable. I’ll eagerly await the delivery! 🙂


    Leon Faulkner

    • cxroh says:

      Thanks, Leon. I appreciate your support! Also, please check out Daddy Caddy Off the Bag, for juniors to read, and let me know what you think. If you are a facebook user, I have a fb page for each book: “Daddy Caddy on the Bag” and “Daddy Caddy Off the Bag” that you can “like” and share with others.

      Best regards,


  3. Hi Rick, i sure will mate. It’s great to see your support for junior development!

    All the best 🙂